How It Works + FAQ


My design process is simple, sorta.


It all starts with you shooting me an email. Tell me about yourself, I’m dying to hear about you + your brand! Oh, and how’s the weather across the pond?

If we fall in love, we’ll start discussing your vision for your brand; your goals + aspirations.

Then, I’ll take it to the drawing board. I’ll create a concept board for your project. This concept board usually takes 1-3 weeks to create which is why this consult’ is $100 (nonrefundable). We’ll meet either via Skype, Facetime, Phone, or at a cool coffee shop near me to talk about it all. If you book me, that $100 goes towards your actual project. If you don’t, you’re more than welcome to pass it on to another designer or use it to lead you in your design.

If you decide to say “I Do” to my proposal, ½ of the nonrefundable deposit will be required, and I’ll pass our hard work (along with a bottle of our blood, sweat, and tears — and perhaps wine?) on to my tech + development team who will create your custom one-of-a-kind template framework. They’re the mechanics of my shop, working hard to make sure your site’s screws are tight and your hood is well buffed + polished. We pride ourselves on building responsive layouts – you know, the ones that pretty much adjust based on the device they’re being viewed on? So the framework is super important!

Next, I begin designing. Keep in mind that I’m in full communication with my team while they build the frame. I head the project making sure that my design aesthetics along with your desires fit perfectly with what they’re doing, this way we’re all on the same page working on all of the parts that ultimately make this design-dinosaur a total monster!

During this month-long work-phase (or in some cases, months), you’ll be updated and sent over a few sneak peeks! And you’re more than welcome to provide feedback and ask questions!

Then you’ll love it.

And we’ll launch it. (The final ½ of the nonrefundable deposit will be required, before launch).

And you’ll kick back, preferably, in these kicks.

“ehh, but who exactly are you?”

“I still have questions.”


I offer an array of services. My custom site-designs start at $4K USD. Note: I take no more than two clients a month. You’ll get me + my awesome team on board to get your project right for the months necessary to make your brand the perfect reflection of you! I also have some premade templates that I customize for clients starting at $500 USD. And if you’re looking for something on a much smaller scale – like branding packages, signage, blogger templates, logos, invitations, bridal stationary, business cards, etc. then you may want to fill out my contact form so we can talk about what you have in mind. My à la carte items (like the ones listed above) start at $100 USD.

Custom Site Made From Scratch ($4K+)
Customization of Pre-Made Theme ($500+)
À La Carte Items ($100+)


What if I don’t want a website? Well, you’re in luck! I offer smaller/other services as well. You know, branding packages, signage, headers, logos, invitations, bridal stationary, business cards, etc. These à la carte items start at $100. Email me so we can talk about it.

What if I can’t pay the whole thing up front? Well, you’re in luck, the payment is split up into two parts! ½ at the beginning, ½ at the end.

How long will it take to complete my project? It depends on the size of the project + our calendars. Most of my clients reserve slots with me months in advance, so it all depends on the size of your project along with the months of the year that I have unreserved.

How much will my project cost? It’ll depend on your desired site capabilities, the amount of pages you’d like on your site, the amount of information you’d need me to include on your site, etc. All of these factors play a role on pricing. The easier the project, the less money. The harder + more intricate the project, the more.

“ehh, but who exactly are you?”

email me!




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